Saturday, February 16, 2013


I first want to say that my 8 year old son, Bryan got saved last night! Such a good feeling as a parent to know your Child loves and wants God to be part of his life:)

As i was listening to the radio this morning my earcaught a commercial that came on. I am not sure if it was an encouraging word or just an adverstisement  but either way it blessed me. The man was talking about how Jesus spoke so many times through the bible about following him. He was saying that nowadays there are so many doctrines people follow and so many rules and things but if we could just get the concept that its not all about a checklist of what we are supposed to do if we would just FoLLoW Jesus! we would know how to love, know how to pray, know how to deal with problems, etc. This sparked my memory to the old simple saying What would Jesus do? My prayer today is to follow Jesus in everything I do that i use thos question and make it a part of my everyday can we go wrong if we are following Christ? 

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