Thursday, August 29, 2013

give mercy & get mercy

Blessed are those who show mercy.They will be treated mercifully.--Matthew 5:7

This is something i wanted to share that I feel God give me to help out a few friends and I know will help myself!......

Sometimes I think we have to get up everyday and see our spouse as God sees us and thats is a perfect creature (even if they arent saved or living right) because what if he looked at us everyday for our past mistakes? We would be in trouble. Try for a few days if you can to wake up and not think about what he/she has done and not let it anger you. Change the way you look at him/her throughout the day. A lot of our frustration and anger comes from past unforgiveness and mistakes we are still dwelling on. Try to look at him/her as God sees us which is clean. And when he/she does something try to forgive them right then and work through it. This is probably gonna be the hardest thing you have ever done. But if it works its great and may change both of your lives forever and if it doesnt. Well u have already spent this long trying to figure out what works  what's another few days doing it the way God intended and thats forgiving, loving , and showing mercy:)?