Wednesday, February 6, 2013

21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Proverbs 18:21

This is actually something I wrote on June 27, 2011 so it is a little out of order with my daily journaling and it may be like that here and there because I'm trying to post as I feel the spirit of God leading not as I wish to post.. this is a story of a personal experience some may think this is ridiculous or that I'm making it up but I'm telling you when you have an encounter with a spiritual presence other than God you will definitely know its real..
I was lying in bed around midnight last night while my family slept. The feeling of anxiety gripped me then I began having to pant for breath.. My mind was being attacked, out of nowhere ! I immediately knew this was satan and something he was attempting! I began to pray, or try to but all i could do was say Jesus, Jesus , Jesus over and over. I payed there speaking my savior a name while the devil attempted to continue to speak to me using my families past to talk me into believing that the grip on my mind he thought he had was true. The feeling I felt was unexplainable ! It was like something was literally pulling my mind out of my head and I knew that if he won I would be lifeless. I spoke Jesus until this feeling fled which didn't take long:) at the same time The Lord was speaking to me also .. Jennifer , the words you speak are very important!! My mind went back to earlier in the day when I said my favorite saying " you kids are gonna make me lose my mind!!" People may think I'm fanatical or like I said earlier that I'm making this up but this was a very real experience and I am so thankful I knew to say Jesus!!
I shared this because during church tonight I was reminded that we say soooo many things everyday that are not positive things and that we do not realize what or who we are talking down too! Gods word says that there is life and death in the power of the tongue , I personally have reason to believe this but if you believe the word of truth you should believe this as well experience or not! Meditate on whatsoever things are pure, just, of good report! Renew your mind, and rid yourselves of all ungodliness because from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks!! Fill your heart with goodness so the overflow into our mouths brings forth LIFE when it comes out!!!

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  1. Love this post. This is my very first prayer each morning. :) Dear Lord, help me to speak only of love today, transform my mind to love unconditionally today no matter what comes my way.