Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Self mutilation

Self mutilation is more than a physical thing! I have learned that we sometimes self mutilate our own spirit man! Lord forgive us, for we do not realize that whether it be in works( religion) or by ignorance we are taking you out of the realm of being all that you are Lord, and setting ourselves up as our own justifier or God! This is so dangerous! We cannot possibly be all of what God has called us to be and self mutilate ourselves daily! The more I study the word and various teachings the more I am seeing that this world is so consumed with people who are deceived into thinking that we can do something to make ourselves more holy...in Romans it gives great discussion on grace and freedom from the law. I'm definitely not a scholar so I won't go and try to sketch it out but I do know that we are not to sin so that grace may abound. But at the same time we are to not hold our head down and be consumed with condemnation if we do mess up. Romans 8:1 for therefor now there is no condemnation in those in Christ Jesus. So staying between the boundaries of these lessons Paul teaches should free us from self mutilation due to works and free us from the bondage of making ourselves responsible for choosing what is 'good' and what is not. Let god be our justifier!

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