Friday, March 22, 2013

Money.. a battle we cause ourself!

"The wise Man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets." Proverbs 21:20

With the economy as it is today and job loss, seems alot of people are looking for ways to cut back, change habits, etc. Myself and my family included. I can't help but think though, if we were living as the bible asks us to such as "a borrower will be slave to the lender" and "owe no man anything" would we be in the shape we are in as a country now? I think not. I can only personally speak for my household though.
So many times we have made mistakes with our finances in the five years my husband and I have been together from buying vehicles to getting an unneccessary credit to just shopping or eating out when we should have been saving for the future. We now have 3 kids at home and my husband has a son we support as well. With the expense of daycare being so high, and mainly the fact that God has called me to be at home right now, I do not work. We lost half of our income with our last child being born, such a major life change! With all that said we have been through many changes since then we have lived with family, we have wrecked vehicles, changed jobs, and gone even further into debt trying to make ends meet. Seems like we were going down a never ending spiral! This all sounds terrible but there is light at the end of the tunnel!lol  Now that I have spoken the bad I will share the good. We purchased a home back in May of 2012. There were many, many renovations that needed to be done and still do before a bank would finance this home. (We had an agreement with our seller to owner fincance until we could get the bank requirements done) Well needless to say we were running out of funds and I was runningout of patience waiting on the funds and renovations to be completed !! I had decided that if my husband would say the word we would put a for sale sign out that day fact I already had the one that was here when we bough the place! But instead of rushing to the road side with the sign I called made a phone call to a wise person who I look up to to get some advice on selling. Thank God he orders our steps!!! To my surprise that phone call changed everything to do with our house issue! Instead of what I thought I would get which was advice , we recieved a miracle!! This person said ' I would hate for yall to lose it when you have done so much work, and yall got such a good deal on the house, why dont we just pay the loan off for uou?" Remember this isnt a grocery trip or a $100 loan ...this is thousands of dollars. Now tell me God was not in this!! I think so!! And not only that the loan was interest free !!!!God is so good to prepare the hearts of others for our needs when we arent even expecting!!
Since this time we have had such a different outlook on everything. We have been able to do more work in the house. We have done nothing but become more free in our finances since this happened . Little by little the rest is coming into place.  Its amazing the doors God can open and the changes God can make in lives and hearts. Dont look at your circumstances he is MUCH bigger than that..he is GOD!!

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