Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feeling like an alien!!!

Have you ever seen an old friend or been around a group of people who didnt live for God and just felt weird? I have family and friends that arent saved and there has always been just a knowing of my beliefs and lifestyle, but today i just felt like an alien!! The bible talks about us being strangers to this world and today I felt great understanding of this scripture!! I believe God used this situation today to allow my faith in him to grow and allow me to see what he has done in me . To see the world now with a view of not being part of it was a good feeling. I would've never thought I would get to a place in my spiritual life that I could say that I felt very privileged to be on the short end of the stick as the world would call it financially, with materialistic things, and being in the midst of everyone's business! I FELT RICH!!! And BLESSED to be feeling so alienated!! I thank god for opening my eyes to see what is most important in this life and that is not things, money, looking good , or even feeling good! Emotions Lie and all of these things will feed your emotions. The joy of The Lord won't and that's what I want to be my stability in life, peace that passes all understanding!! Jesus!!! 
1 Peter 2:11-12 

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