Friday, March 1, 2013

I wanna be selfless!

Self less What does it mean? To deny ourselves of things we want? To take ourself to an extreme and not be who we are? NO in the bible Christ says to follow him we should deny ourselves & take up our cross. I do not believe he ever intended for us to not have our own God given talents and abilities or to have different personality traits. Some people say they can't live for God because they can't be themselves, well that is a LIE! God wants us to be unique because we are fearfully and wonderfully made! He had every person in mind before we were created ! I believe to deny ourselves means to deny our selfish, sin nature desires that do not bear fruit. We all have desires at times whether it be monetarty gain, flat out selfish wants, or just simple things like wanting time to yourself when you have obligations to your family. The bible tells us we have died to this nature once we became alive in Christ. This being known to deny ourselves in my opinion would be to deny that sin nature that lingers and awaits to be used on a daily basis. From the biggest to the smallest temptation we are responsible for remaining selfless,)

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